An exhibition at Albrectsens Gallery in Copenhagen with ten ceramic artists how have been on a residence at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center

Ceramic artists:
Shu-Mei Chan (USA), Eglė Pakšytė (LT), Eva Farkasova (IRL/SK), Irina Razumovskaya (RUS), Neha Ramaiya (IND),  Craig Hartenberger (USA), Janina Myronova (UA), Nick Vest (USA), Kay Aplin (GB) and Renata Cassiano (MEX)

Curator: Katja Serber

See text about The Clay by Jan Bäcklund

Workinfo and contact list:

1. Untitled – 2013, porcelain
by Shu-Mei Chan (USA)

2. Interior details – stoneware and porcelain
by Eglė Pakšytė (LT)

3. Vase – 2013, stoneware, high fire
Triangle – 2013, stoneware, high fire
by Irina Razumovskaya (RUS)

4. Miracle Mirages – 2013, stoneware, high fire
by Neha Ramaiya (IND)

5. Two tea bowls and a tray – 2013, wood-fire, ceramic, metal
by Craig Hartenberger (USA)

6. Tripod, Twins and With Tongue – 2013, stoneware, high fire, glaze
by Janina Myronova (UA)

7. Twists – 2013, red clay and black clay, low fire
by Eva Farkasova (IRL/SK)

8. Conversation on Keramic -2013, mixed stoneware
by Nick Vest (USA)

9. Botanical Structures – 2013, glazes mixed ceramic (earthenware, stoneware and Porcelain)
by Kay Aplin (GB)

10. Untitled – 2013, porcelain, stain
by Renata Cassiano (MEX)