Vertical Tree and Horizontal Sky Cross-Section Perspective Dissolve into Each Other in an Overarching Circle Home of Colorful Equilibrium
Materials: Acrylic on canvas.
70 x 70 cm

The first four paintings have the under-title: Dead and Life Transforming Lucky of Dear
Description: By what was our common cottage in Deralycke in Sweden, once stood a large, old and beautiful spruce with large heavy branches and cones. Some years ago the spruce was felled. The tree stump that remains, have I photographed and used it’s outline. It is seen in the second inner circle. The second outer circle is the horizon, consisting of trees and the cottage, seen in a circle around me when I stand close to the cottage. The two circular shapes are transformed inwards and outwards, respectively, into geometric circles. Tree stumps have become a symbol of death for me. They are left in nature for many years, while everything else that dies quickly rots and resumes by nature.

The next four paintings have the under-title: Okay and Birth Transforming Berth of Oxide
Description: These four next paintings in the series are composed in the same way as the first four paintings, over a tree and a horizon. This time the tree is the tree in the backyard of my housing cooperative named Oxelberg in Copenhagen. It is a large and old tree whose crown reaches as high as the roof of the property, where my apartment is at the top of the roof. This time the next innermost shape in the painting is made from a notion of what a cross section would look like by measuring and looking at the tree. The horizon line is the one seen out of my windows around my apartment.

It is the plan to make four more paintings in this series, which should somehow tell a gathered story of the two places from the other paintings in the series. But I have no ide of this last story for the four last paintings yet, except from the same circle structure and which colors to paint with, since they are selected by finding six red, six blue, six yellow and six green colors as different as possible from each other.