Reconstruction of a Still from a Suprematicstic Dream
Pencil on paper
145 x 145 cm

I had a dream about a “church” in clear glass, placed in the ocean. The glass had the most beautiful patterns and forms. I wanted to recreate the dream. Through the reconstruction it materialized differently than the dream, and other dimensions appeared in my consciousness. Among other things, I drew a perspective, which downwards twists and expands so much, that it according to its own nature gets a sudden and absurd ending. This especially appeared when working under the water with the reconstruction. For the perspective to continue it was therefore here necessary to go beyond its own logic.

The deer in the drawing is a symbol of “the sacred”. In the drawing the deer hangs in a leap of a moment. The leap is in connection with the front perspective of the drawing, inside one of the three impenetrable spaces, which is made by the walls of three times three buildings of glass. These rooms symbolize the spaces of the death. The triangle in front of the deer is a magic gate, through which the deer in a quantum leap can penetrate the glass walls of the buildings. When the deer has got inside, it moves around in the buildings by diving into the water and by making use of the doors localised below the surface of the water where the buildings of glass intersect.
The drawing disappears into a negative depiction of Kazimier Malevic’s painting: ”Plane in Rotation, Called Black Circle” from 1915. Furthermore, the whole drawing is framed by “Ad Reinhardt’s black colour”. I see the black colour and the circle as feminine and the white color and the square as masculine. All in all the abstract perspective and the multifarious senses expands for real beyond the visual focus – in more than one sense.