Sign of the Time
Materials: see the text below

The installation is like an image of the intellect. An inner contemplative room in the human where things – one or more – can be reflected up on from almost endless angels until a very complex insight.

The mobile consists of 20 round double mirrors in different size (in-between 16-72 cm). Each mirror is hanging from the ceiling in a line and each line is in turn connected to a little motor. Additionally the mirrors are connected with three sources of light that through fiber-optic cables leads the light to each mirror. The three sources of light have each a number of different colors, within which it can shift. Both motors and sources of light are controlled by a computer. Two big round mirrors (170 cm) are respectively placed in the ceiling and at the floor. This generates a mirror picture of an infinite spiral figure, consisting of a seemingly infinity number of round forms which are moving slowly. On some of the hanging mirrors is silk-screen print of total 13 symbols, symbolizing my own universe. Furthermore, holes are cut out of the hanging mirrors, which are placed out of a system where the letters making up my name is taken out of the alphabet, and under the process of making the work, they was placed in a circle system.
The mobile was, among other things, created through a dance, which I also did out of an alphabet and circle system, to a twelve-tone piece of music. The project was at that time realized in co-operation with a DTU (Danish technical University) -student (Lars Rytter). For the computer part was used the program Sunlite.